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who will go above and beyond to make sure you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera!

An experienced guide and friend 

more than a wedding photographer, Teresa is

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Not only does creating beautiful and timeless photos bring me joy, but one of my most favorite component as your photographer is becoming a trusted friend and resource for any question you might have about your wedding or need guidance on! It is my mission to create more than photos, but a wonderful experience that you will always cherish. 

Whether it's the tender love of a couple on their wedding day or the fun & unique personality of a High school senior, it is my passion to exquisitely capture the essence of who you are to remember for generations to come.

Artistically Inspired   By  You.


she's for me

Your biggest cheerleader and supporter you can count on from day  one!

Goes above and beyond just photography to make sure your wedding experience is delightful

Will give professional hair and makeup advice and reccomendations

Direct in posing to ensure the most flattering images.

Passionate about the personal touches in her work that reflect your personality and love story. 

A natural light specialist!

Skillful in the art of photo composition.

Teresa is a photographer who is

My jouney into photography

- Teresa green

The most important thing about today, your wedding day, is for you to feel loved and simply enjoy every moment.

words For my brides and grooms

- Teresa green

On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.

words For my brides and grooms

- Teresa green

It's amazing how a memory is created and how a simple photograph will take you back to that moment and every emotion is felt all over again. It is a beautiful thing.

words For my brides and grooms

Family means everything

I treasure each moment with my family and is what gives me a passion to authentically capture the beautiful beginning of your family in a way you can cherish for years to come!

I love pranking my husband

Anything to make him laugh... he has the best laugh!
(I have a viral tik tok to prove it haha) 


We are a military family and have gotten to experience so many beautiful places in the world! Some of my favorites are Disney world 


One of my favorite ways to spend my free time is curled up with a book. My favorite genre is Romantic period pieces and my all time favorite read is the Outlander Series!


I always have to have sparkling water first thing in the morning, chocolate chip cookies are my fave and I will take a chai tea latte over coffee any day!

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